"Piece by Piece" A New Instrumental Album


On the heels of his release RPM, Newfoundland's Jim Fidler is at it again. This year, Jim will be releasing an album of all instrumental pieces entitled "Piece by Piece" The 12 original compositions will be released at the end of each month throughout the year; the final of which to be released on New Year's eve 2014. Jim plans to launch it as a CD at some point in 2015, which will also coincide with the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking award-winning album, Gypsy. 

The Girl at the Starlight CafeThe Girl at the Starlight Cafe. 
Release # three from 'Piece by Piece', March 31, 2014

"Like the tide, she ebbs and flows,
Her beauty, like the moonlight, glows.
And, just as words, on tip of tongue,
She's almost there and then she's gone.

She's here, she's there, she's everywhere,
And, though he tries, he can't but stare.
And if, per chance,
A fleeting glance,
Should be exchanged,
He'd wet his pants."
- Jim Fidler

The Girl at the Starlight Cafe is available as a digital download in our shop; as well as on itunes


RPM - One of the best records of Jim's career, and the most fun.

It took Jim Fidler eight months to finish RPM, and now that it's all said and done, he believes it is one of the best records of his career and certainly one that he had the most fun making. "The album is like that undefinable genre of the 70's where we all listen to the same radio station," he said. "I've always made conscious music, but this one is a whole heap of fun. It's made to be played on big speakers."

Fidler spoke about how the album brought him back to the 70's, the era that he began to cut his teeth in the industry, and how that served as a huge inspiration in his work today. "I wasn't thinking about reggae, Celtic, or jazz, I was just thinking about music," he said. "It harkened my mind back to a time I haven't forgotten and in that mind frame I had a huge pallet to work with."


Ever insightful, he went on to add that the music flowed through him effortlessly, in a very organic and natural process. "All the lyrics on this record are what they call stream of consciousness," he said. "I didn't sit down with a pen and paper and write them down, they just came to me. It wasn't an intellectual endeavour, it didn't come to my head in that clever place, it just passed through me. I know that sounds strange, but such are the arts." - excerpt from Keeping the Arts Alive by Dillon Collins - read the entire article here




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