This year, Jim will be releasing an album of all instrumental pieces entitled "Piece by Piece" The 12 original compositions will be released at the end of each month throughout the year; the final of which to be released on New Year's eve 2014. Jim plans to launch it as a CD at some point in 2015, which will also coincide with the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking award-winning album, Gypsy. 

Skate, Single #9, September, 2014

skate the single

While all the other children played their silly games of hide and seek and trick or treat,
Her only desire was to walk on the moon.

Even when she had grown,
She would look, longingly,
From the window of her bedroom loft,
Up at her glowing heart's desire.

Then, one very frosty winter's day,
When the entire ocean had completely frozen over,
she thought she would just strap on her skates and have a go.


Skate is available as a digital download in our shop; and will soon be available on Jim's catalog with itunes


Signals from an Ancient Future

The Handler project is a bi-national music collaboration between Newfoundland's well-known Jim Fidler and musician, composer/arranger, record producer Jörgen Hansson from Sweden.

Both blind, these two individuals endeavor to combine and activate something seemingly much lost these days; the human imagination "the theatre of the mind".

"When I grew up we were all excited about the future and the possibilities it held, such things as star trek and the album Autobaun by Kraftwerk really stimulated the imagination. We were all looking forward to the future and I have heard it said that the future is here." If that be the case, does this mean we should stop dreaming about the future? The Handler Project says no. - Jim Fidler


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