1 - EP

1Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Roots Cellar", St. John's, Newfoundland by Jim Fidler

All audio production and engineering by Jim Fidler.

This EP is the first of a trilogy which can be downloaded at:

CAD4.99 each

All music and lyrics by Jim Fidler except "Be Free" by Fidler, Batten & Eddy

Jim Fidler: All instrumentation, lead and backing vocals.
Renee Batten: Backing vocals.
Terri Lynn Eddy: Backing vocals.


"This EP, and especially the song Leslie Street, is dedicated to my good friend, Mike Meekins. Thanks, so much, for all your support and encouragement." Jim Fidler

"Huge thanks to all who listened to these tracks while I was working on them. Sometimes, it's not what you say, but how you listen."

No Thanks:
"Thanks, for nothing, to all slackers, slaggers and detractors.

You may not know who you are, but we certainly do.
Jah guide!"

01 - Intro (Joseph) 00:47 -
©Jim Fidler

The spoken portion of this track is the voice of Keith (Joseph) Rickman, a born Jamaican and long time Newfoundlander.
This exerpt was taken from the forth-coming video documentary on Jim, his life and his music currently being realised by his wife, Lillian.

"I was born seven miles from Bob Marley and I knew him from I was a boy. And I grew up listening to Calypso and Mento and when I heard Jim singing, I had goose bumps;
I was totally blown away. Jim has done a wonderful thing for the world: He has brought two cultures together in the most amazing way. Jim is easily one of the most, if not the most, profound and spiritual people I have ever met"
Keith Rickman

Track Listing:

Intro (Joseph)

Be Free
Operation Africa
Leslie Street
Be Free (Dub)

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