Dreaming of Clare

Dreaming of Clare
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Dreaming Of Clare (4:47) - Jim Fidler (©2014 Jim Fidler)

Composed, arranged and performed by Jim Fidler.

Recorded, mixed and mastered, by Jim Fidler, at the Roots Cellar, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Illustration by Don Hynes

Graphic design and image realization by Lillian Fidler

Artistic concept by Jim Fidler

It seemed so long ago.
She was there and then, she was gone.

And now, as the rest of the world seems not to care about much of anything,
He has only the memories:
a soft whisper,
A gentle touch,
And those eyes;
Those eyes.

It seemed to him that those were the only eyes that had ever really seen him.
Would he ever see them again?

Soon, time for tea.


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