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album coverTransporting himself back to the 70's, the decade in which he cut his teeth as a musician, Jim offers up RPM; an "album" made in the true spirit of the time. The album traces the life of a fictitious character, Mickey Finn, who has the boyhood dream of fame and fortune, achieves his dream, and finally wakes from the nightmare to realize that music is more important than the hits, life is more important than the music biz and he is more important than his commercial image. It's one of those twist one up, turn it up and go on a journey recordings that sadly aren't much made anymore.

Track Listing:

1. Mister Man
2. Mama's Little Boy
3. Not The Thing At The End Of The Line
4. What I'm Going To Do
5. Dancing At The Rubber Ball
6. The Weed
7. We Need a Revolution
8. Days and Knights
9. The Final Curtain Call
10. Sleep
11. Dream (The Awakening)

album cover


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